THAT Agency Builds E-commerce Site,

26 November

THAT Agency Builds E-commerce Site,

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida, October 27, 2007-, a site devoted to providing carpet, rugs, and doormats featuring the artistic renderings of Guy Harvey, went live on October 24th. The site was built by leading Florida based web solutions company THAT Agency. The site is a place on the web for customers to view the products produced by Milliken & Company and inspired by Guy Harvey.

The websites features include the ability to locate a retailer, search the site, preview the various products, high quality images with the ability to zoom in on detail, and an &quote;email a friend&quote; feature for customers that feel a product they have found will appeal to someone they know. gives both customers and possible retailers an in-depth view of the products the company offers.

THAT Agency provided the design and development for the website. The site design is based around the look and feel of Guy Harvey's signature artwork. is developed much like an e-commerce website, except that its purpose is to attract retailers and drive potential customers to those retailers.

&quote;What we have produced for is a site that not only displays the personality and beauty of their original rugs and carpeting, but also allows them to interact with retailers and push potential customers towards those retailers,&quote; THAT Agency's President Bill Teubner commented about the newly launched website

About THAT Agency:

THAT Agency is one of the premiere web solutions firms in Florida. Along with their web design and development services, they also offer customers all of the abilities of an advertising agency, with specialty in marketing for the internet. They have a full search engine optimization and marketing team, including Google Adwords Qualified Professionals to oversee pay per click advertising campaigns. THAT Agency can be contacted at 561-832-6262, or via the web at

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