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8 Reasons Why Now is the Time to Update Your Website Design

Posted at Mar 24, 2009 9:23:22 AM by Taylor De Luca | Share

With the current downturn in the economy it's often the opinion that what you have online right now will do till things turn around. You are not alone in this strategy but lets look at what's wrong with this idea why NOW is the perfect time to give your online presence an update.

1. A site update can bring in new traffic and generate additional interest where the old site may have gotten stagnant.

2. Conveys an air of success and the view that your company is doing quite well even in an economic downturn.

3. Allows you to expand your business and possibly add new items to your site that could generate additional traffic and therefore additional revenue such as news feeds, blogs, discounts, newsletter signups, etc.

4. Optimizing the site during a redesign is often one of the reasons for the update and is extremely helpful in getting your site back up to where it should be on Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo.

5. Allows you to re-focus your website to better suite your clients. During the redesign process we analyze what was lacking in the older version and make sure to make your site as profitable as possible using analytics and user tracking.

6. Your competitors are either stagnant or they're scrambling to update themselves. Now is the perfect opportunity to fly past them and absorb they're market share with a fresh new look.

7. Gives you an entirely new online presence for which to market in social networks, media campaigns and print advertisements. Something you're not only proud of but excited to introduce.

8. Now may be the perfect opportunity to take control of your newly designed site by adding such tools as a full site CMS, allowing you to easily manage your online content and keep it fresh and new.

By updating your online presence, updating your online technologies and paying careful attention to tracking traffic, usability and customer focus the return on investment can mean the success of your overall business plan. A redesign/revision can take care of all of those loose ends you may have wished for when initially launching your site. Now is the time to bring those ideas to life and reinvent the face of your company online.

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