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Digital Marketing News You Need to Know

Mar 25, 2016 12:29:07 PM

Happy Monday! We hope everyone had a great Easter weekend. Start your week with our latest edition of what’s hot and happening in the world of digital marketing. To help you stay up to date with digital marketing news, here are some of the biggest stories you need to know about right now:

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Instagram Now Shows Notifications on the Web

Mar 23, 2016 5:00:37 PM

Lots of big changes in the Instagram world this month! Around March 15 we learned that the social network will be switching its feed from chronological to best posts first- something that will likely be popular with users, but marketers were not too excited about. Yesterday Instagram revealed an updated web interface that includes a notification tab that’s identical to what you see on the mobile app. Check it out-

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Digital Marketing News You Need to Know

Mar 7, 2016 2:23:36 AM

Happy Monday! Kick off your week with our latest edition of what’s hot and happening in the world of digital marketing. To help you stay up to date with digital marketing news, here are some of the biggest stories you need to know about right now:

1. Facebook launched Canvas, “a new post-click, full-screen, immersive mobile ad experience on Facebook that loads nearly instantaneously.” The Canvas tool is currently available to all advertisers in Power Editor.

2. Last week Facebook rolled out Reactions, an extension of the Like button that lets users choose from six other emotions ranging from love to wow to angry. Here are some things that marketers need to know about Facebook Reactions.

3. It was confirmed that Google will no longer be showing ads on the right side of desktop search results. There are, however, two exceptions: Product Listing Ad (PLA) boxes and ads in the Knowledge Panel.

4. LinkedIn has introduced a service called LinkedIn Account Targeting. It allows marketers to run targeted campaigns on a large scale, capable of targeting people at up to 30,000 companies at once.

5. We know this is old news, but were you aware that loser.com redirects to Donald Trump’s Wikipedia page? It never fails to make us LOL.

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Digital Marketing News You Need to Know

Feb 8, 2016 11:21:33 AM

Welcome to our latest edition of what’s hot and happening in the world of digital marketing.

To help you stay up to date with digital marketing news, here are some of the biggest stories this week:

1. The reviews are in for the 2016 Super Bowl ads. Check out every spot again, and whether Ad Week gave it a thumbs up or thumbs down.

2. Facebook has rolled out private message page replies, allowing a Page to reply to a comment on a post with a private message. Check it out:

3. Instagram has begun running its first 60-second video ads, starting with T-Mobile and Warner Brothers. Previously the maximum length for video ads was 30 seconds.

4. Twitter might be switching to an algorithmic timeline, and users are completely losing their minds over it. Don’t believe us? Just search #RIPTwitter.

5. From a hangout this week, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller stated that Google prefers shorter URLs, stating “If we have two URLs and one is really short and sweet and this other one has this long parameter attached to it and we know they show exactly the same content we will try to pick the shorter one.”

6. Hashtags were down in this year’s Super Bowl TV spots, and social networks were rarely mentioned:

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Digital Marketing News You Need to Know

Jan 18, 2016 12:34:38 PM

1. You can now watch live Periscope broadcasts on Twitter without ever leaving the app. This functionality is initially rolling out on iOS, but will likely come soon to Twitter for Android and the web.

2. Twitter has also introduced Conversational Ads, which “make it even easier for consumers to engage with and then spread a brand’s campaign message.”

3. The Super Bowl is right around the corner- and the average cost of a 30-second slot during the game has soared to $5 million this year! Here's everything we know so far about which brands are advertising with Super Bowl commercials and what they've got planned.

4. In the last week, many SEO professionals and webmasters reported major ranking changes in Google as the search giant updates its Core Algorithm. Google claims that this is not Penguin, but rather just common core ranking algorithm updates.

5. A new study from Nanigans found that advertisers continued to increase their ad budgets on Facebook in Q4- especially when it came to Facebook video ads, dynamic product ads and carousel ads during the holiday shopping quarter.

6. Snapchat plans on competing with Facebook for advertisers’ dollars with ad targeting, new business bosses and a possible algorithmic feed.

7. On February 8, all Chipotle stores will close for an hours-long safety talk. Will it help, or taint the brand even more?

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Digital Marketing News You Need to Know

Dec 22, 2015 10:51:31 AM

Welcome to the last edition of what’s new and hot in the world of digital marketing news for 2015. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and lots of happiness and success in the new year!

1. Facebook is taking on Yelp with it’s new Professional Services feature, which gives people the ability to find the highest-rated businesses in a given area. This feature is currently desktop-only and hasn’t been officially announced by Facebook yet.

2. Facebook has rolled out Live video streaming for verified pages. With Live, sports teams, media companies, brands, and other verified Pages can make announcements, share news updates, take fans behind the scenes, host Q&As, and more.

3. Search Engine Journal has released 10 digital marketing trend predictions to watch out for in 2016. Among the things they expect to really take off in the new year: social ads, Facebook Messenger for Business, native advertising, video, and podcasts, to name a few.

4. With video being as hot, hot, hot as it is, it’s important to have some told to simplify (or kick start) your brand’s video production. Check out these video tools for social media marketers.

5. Link building is an extremely integral part of digital marketing – specifically organic marketing. Here's what link building is going to look like in 2016.

6. One of the most challenging parts of a web designer or digital marketer’s job is finding interesting, high quality images to use. Just to make your life a little easier, we’ve created a list of the best FREE stock photography sites. You’re welcome!

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Shopping Ad Enhancements by Google

Dec 4, 2015 4:32:47 AM

Many new developments have been rolled out by Google AdWords for Shopping campaigns; in fact in just the last six months, there has been more than ten major, newly-launched tools and shopping ad enhancements by Google! If your products are being advertised on Google’s Shopping Feed, are you taking advantage of all of the new capabilities? We’ve broken down some of the biggest, and most beneficial highlights into three categories: Merchant Feed Setup, More Product Sales, Better Return on Ad Spend.

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Dynamic Callout Extensions

Nov 30, 2015 1:31:43 PM

Callout Extensions were launched in Google AdWords about a year ago now. We’ve seen tremendous strides with this additional ad copy opportunity. Not only does it allow you to highlight certain attributes about your business or product that you may feel would be wasted within your precious 25 characters of actual ad copy, but it also offers you the best opportunity with paid search ads: more real estate within the SERPs!


Google recently launched Dynamic Callout Extensions. Dynamic callout extensions will automatically pull in different business and product highlights, straight from your website, to let your users know what’s special about you! These highlights will then be added dynamically to your PPC ads, as callout extensions. Similar to regular callout extensions, they will not be clickable, but will offer your ads more real estate on the SERPs. However, if you have already created your callout extensions and implemented them on an ad group or campaign level, your manual extensions will override Google’s dynamic callout extensions.

Of course its best practices, whenever setting up a PPC campaign within Google (or Bing), to add in your callout extensions yourself. Ultimately you’re the expert in your company and choosing your own callout extensions tends to provide the best leverage against your closest competitors. However, just in case you miss anything, you can now rest assured that Google has you covered with the new dynamic callout extensions.

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Periscope for Social Media Marketing

Nov 20, 2015 5:19:10 PM

As we approach the final month of the year, I predict that 2016 will be the year of Periscope. A Twitter-owned app that lets you share and experience live video streams directly from your smartphone or tablet, Periscope has become a new favorite social media platform of many, and it’s only going to grow from here.

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8 Eye-Opening New Digital Marketing Stats

Oct 20, 2015 1:36:05 PM

1. According to eMarketer, 32% of U.S. companies with 100+ employees will utilize Instagram for marketing this year. This number is expected to increase to 49% next year, and 71% in 2017. eMarketer even went as far to suggest that Instagram may be more popular with marketers than Twitter by 2017.

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