3 Tips for the Strategy Phase of Growth-Driven Design

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The strategy phase is arguably the most important phase in the growth-driven design process. This phase lays the groundwork for all your website redesign efforts. Here are three tips for an effective and efficient strategy phase.

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1. Take Your Time

Often people are tempted to skip or rush through the strategy phase of the growth-driven design process. It’s tempting to want to rush through this step and get to the actual building of your new website. But don’t fall into this trap.

Take your time with the strategy phase of your website redesign efforts and be sure that you are laying a solid foundation upon which you can build.

2. Use Your Data

When redesigning a website, people often think they know exactly what they want to change and how they want to do things differently. It’s easy to get excited about all your new website ideas and find yourself trailing off course.

When thinking about what elements you want to modify in your website redesign, be sure that you are letting the data be your guide. The growth-driven design process is a data-based process. It’s important to pay attention to what the data is telling you.

How are your current users interacting with your site? Which pages have high bounce rates? Can you use a heat-mapping tool to see what might be tripping users up on these pages?

Also, be sure to think about both quantitative and qualitative data. Can you survey some of your users and get feedback about what their pain points are with regard to your website? Does what they are saying match up with what the quantitative data is telling you?

3. Watch Your Priorities

The last step of the strategy phase of the growth-driven design process is to prioritize the website wishlist that you have created.

It’s tempting in going through this process to let your emotions or your own opinions drive how you prioritize things. This is a mistake.

For each item on your wishlist, ask yourself how it will impact and provide value to your end users. There may be some items that don’t seem flashy and exciting to you, but that will provide tremendous value to your end users. It’s these end users that you must always keep in mind when prioritizing your wishlist action items and when executing any website redesign efforts.

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A Guide to Proving the Value of Your Marketing Efforts | THAT Agency