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Improve Your Marketing Strategy with SEO Reviews

Posted at Aug 15, 2015 6:02:09 PM by Ronald Busky | Share

In a recent study done by BrightLocal, it was found, not surprisingly, that a vast majority of users were less likely to consider a business if it had poor local business reviews. In fact, they found that 87% of users won’t consider a business with low ratings! As a local business owner, this is when you start thinking how can I leverage my reviews to make sure those roughly 90% of users don’t skip over my business?? And that is where we say, get in touch with THAT Agency here in South Florida!

The Importance of Customer Reviews

As we all know, it seems to be much easier for someone to get worked up about a bad experience and write a novel about it online than it is for them to have a stellar experience and tell all their friends and family about it. Even if your company does everything they can to make every customer happy, not everyone will leave with a smile on their face. To ensure those people aren’t the only ones being heard online, you need to push your happy customers to leave reviews of your business. These customers' reviews can hit keywords, which will then lead to SEO reviews of your business!

Encourage Reviews on Social Media

Encouraging users to leave a review is very simple and takes very little time, and can lead to a great payoff – more customers! Though there are many types of businesses out there, asking users to leave a review if fairly straightforward for most of them. When a customer comes into your place of business, or if they received your services elsewhere, before you leave it could be beneficial to ask the customer if they are completely satisfied with your work. If the customer is happy, then tell them to leave a review on your social media pages. If they aren’t satisfied, then you know that you have more work to do until they are. At that point, you can ask them to leave a review on your social media pages saying how great a job you did ensuring their satisfaction.

For future users searching for your products or services, this minimal effort on the part of your business can be the deciding factor in whether they choose you with a 3 star rating and 1 review, or your biggest competitor with 4.5 stars and 120 reviews.

Create an On-Site Review Page

You may also want to consider creating a page for your business which allows users to leave a review with their name and location, which can help with search engine optimization as well! Imagine you’re a local gym focusing on keywords like “gym in Palm Beach” or “fitness center in West Palm Beach” and someone leaves a review that looks like this:

"What a great place to work out! I have been looking for a gym in Palm Beach and this one has everything I need!" -- Amanda from Palm Beach Gardens, FL

or like this:

"This is definitely the best fitness center in Palm Beach County. I have been looking for a place with great exercise equipment and this place has it." – Chad Brochill from Jupiter, FL

Everything I bolded are keywords and geos which these reviews hit on for you! It’s a quick and easy way to get beneficial reviews and increase your sites organic rankings with SEO.

So call, come in, or visit your South Florida digital marketing and web development company in West Palm Beach – THAT Agency.

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