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Getting to the Top of the Rankings - Do You Actually Deserve It?

Posted at Dec 18, 2013 4:56:14 PM by Ronald Busky | Share

What Everyone Says...

Everyone wants to be at the top of the rankings. Everyone wants that #1 position. But when was the last time you asked yourself this:

"Do I actually deserve this ranking? Is my company or website one of the top ten within my industry vertical?"

If you can't confidently say that you are, or, at least willing to try to be one of the best websites in your vertical then that long lasting #1 ranking will always elude you.

Sure you can sneak into the top - at least temporarily, but if you do obtain the ranking, it will be fleeting and not last. There are several reasons why, but first try answering these questions:

Who would YOU rather see get rich from their business?

1. The owner who worked hard on their business every day, focusing on building a Brand that customers LOVE. By soliciting feedback from customers they are able to genuinely make their products and services better.


2. The owner who makes large claims about his products with aggressive advertising to get people to buy them. It doesn't matter if he burns some bridges because he can always change his business name or switch to a different product.

Who do you think is going to make the most money at first?

The reality is unfortunate but probably owner #2. Everything is designed around quick wins. There is a catch though...

Who will win in the long run?

Most likely #1. The strength of their brand will allow them to weather ups and downs of the market. It is also more fine tuned to needs and sensibilities of its customers allowing them to charge a premium for their services that their consumer is happy to pay.

#2 will always face a disadvantage with increasing competition as they are selling a commodity and are unable to charge a premium. Also the burn and churn strategy may eventually catch up with them. The moment something goes wrong with this house of cards, it goes really bad, fast.

Why Building Your Brand Is The Key...

So how does this apply to SEO? The digital space, including search engines, are getting smarter, faster, and more in tune with consumer behavior. Applying the same brand building rational to the digital space affords SEO benefits that will increasingly weather changes in algorithms or technologies.

SEO's who only look to exploit loopholes and algorithmic trends may risk the bigger picture! All it takes is one [insert your favorite animal here] algorithm update by Google to see your SEO house of cards come falling down and say goodbye to your rankings...

(Excuse us while we eat your keyword ranks...om nom nom)Panda

Where to Start...

Think strategically about how to become one of the top ten in your industry? Can you be better? Can you be different and remarkable?

Begin defining and wrapping core keyword concepts and ideas into your Brand presence online.

Pay attention to your consumers wants and needs. Talk to them!

Create content from your Brand that incorporates these keyword concepts and ideas in a way that is interesting to your core consumer.

The reward for doing so will outperform any "loophole based" SEO strategy in the long run. The reward will be more stability and better customers. It will be better profits, and who doesn't want that for their business?


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