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Why the NEW Myspace is on My Top 8!

Posted at Dec 7, 2012 8:13:12 AM by Nathan Mendenhall | Share

If you are anything like me, you fondly remember the glory days of the old Myspace. Leaving animated comments to your friends, organizing your Top 8 and reorganizing it again to remove people who annoyed you that week were all things that made it fun. However, marketers slowly started creeping in and everywhere you looked you would find hacked accounts, spammed walls and way too overdone custom profiles. While the old Myspace was a fun social hub, it lost its luster when there was too much of everything. Enter the new Myspace. This simplistic reincarnation has me absolutely intrigued, but not for marketing reasons.I love the new Myspace because it seems like a sincere attempt to create what I like to call“social music”. Users can connect with one another as well as artists. Much like other music platforms, you can listen to music from your favorite artists and even listen to a radio station created based on your musical tastes. However, there are a 2 features that I think makes the new Myspace especially cool.

  • Connect – This feature allows users to connect to other users, artists and content. Connecting with content is AWESOME because once you are connected with a piece of content; you are able to add it to your personal library or mix. This is great if you want to add whole albums to a mix.
  • Mixes – mixes are playlists that you can add content that you have connected with to. Consider this a running, uninterrupted playlist (Looking at you Pandora, Spotify and IheartRadio). No commercials, just the music you want to hear. I love this because my musical tastes are pretty random, so I create multiple mixes.

The previous version of Myspace was home to some decent music features, however this version is a total upgrade and I predict it will make some major noise on the social scene. The music industry should definitely take note. At the time of this writing, the new Myspace has 53 million songs and 14.2 million artists. I would imagine that this will in some way begin to have major marketing potential once it is open to the public.

Currently this network is invite only, and we have a few left so if you would like to test out the new Myspace for yourself, leave your email address in the comment section below!

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