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THAT Agency Sports ‘Staches for Movember

Posted at Nov 9, 2012 12:23:54 PM by Nathan Mendenhall | Share

If you have noticed an abundance of men sporting mustaches lately, don’t be alarmed. This isn’t some spontaneous trend in men’s grooming, this is Movember! For those who might not be familiar with Movember, it is a month long effort for men everywhere to raise funds and awareness for men’s health issues, specifically testicular and prostate cancer. To show support and create conversation, men are asked to do their best in cultivating a marvelous and manly mustache I’m not usually a fan of the mustache, but I will do anything for a good cause. THAT Agency has two team members growing for the greater good this year. Eddy, our web developer and I will be going all month long to help raise some awareness and hopefully some money.

Movemeber has really become a social media driven movement. They have a bunch of country specific Facebook pages that seem to be thriving along with the same sort of following on Twitter. Their social communities are not only growing, but they are VERY active. At the time of this writing, the official Movember Facebook page has 45,162 Likes and 17,629 People Talking About This. That’s an approximate engagement rate of 39.03%! I would predict that this cause will continue to pick up steam as the years go on. If you would like more information, visit the Movember official website or check out the THAT Agency team page. Feel free to donate or at least pass the word along. Keep an eye on the THAT Agency Facebook page as we will be posting pictures weekly on our growth progress.

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