Social SEO: More Evidence of Social’s Impact on SEO

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I tried to think of a catchy theme or some witty play on words for this blog; however there really is no need to sweeten the information contained within. If you are an online marketer, you should be salivating at what I am about to share with you. A SearchMetrics.com study showed a strong relationship between social media signals and SEO rankings. Much like Big Foot, we have been searching for proof of its existence and now we are a few steps closer to making a connection.

The original study is very interesting, but I would like to focus on the social aspect of it. Their study found that social signals from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are often associated with good Google rankings. Surprisingly, Facebook shares had a stronger association with rankings than the number of backlinks that a website has. Of all the ranking factors studied, 5 of the top 10 were social signals. This tells us that social media is a pretty decent measuring too for content. If a website has a ton of engagement with its content on social sites, people must like it right? Right!

So what does this mean!? This means that we should all be working towards making our websites more findable and sharable. It will become more and more important for brands to create content that people will want to like, share, comment on, tweet and +1. Combine this correlation with the recent Google Authorship movement and we have a recipe for some social SEO.

Are you going to tweak your content strategy to prepare for the movement to Social SEO?

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