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3 Reasons Why Your Facebook Page is Losing Fans!

Posted at Sep 7, 2012 12:17:51 PM by Nathan Mendenhall | Share

If you have been in the social media marketing game for a while, you know that it’s a marathon and not a sprint. It’s a constant effort filled with ups and downs, triumphs and tragedies. Everything is fine when your page is steadily accumulating fans, but what about when it starts losing fans? If your Facebook strategy is focused on fan growth, losing fans can seem like the end of the world. However, all is not lost and fan attribution can be slowed down or even stopped. If you are going to plug the leak, you have to know where it is coming from, right? Let’s investigate some less than obvious reasons that people are unliking your page.

1. Too Much Content at One Time

Every time that a brand page uploads an event or photo album, a story is created in the news feed. If your page is very active with creating events and uploading event photos, this could be an issue. A flood of stories might be off-putting to some of your fans. To avoid this, be as strategic uploading events/photos as you are with standard posts. Try to limit or spread out the upload of photos or events to be sure you don’t overwhelm your fans.

2 .Type of Content

This is similar to the “Too Much Content” point. If you are giving your fans too much of the SAME content, they are sure to become bored. Once they become bored and know what to expect, there is no reason for them to care about your page. Diversifying your content ensures that you keep your fans’ attention by coming at them from different angles. Also, it shows that your brand really cares about the community because it takes effort to come up with creative content strategies.

3. Improperly Targeted Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads can be a valuable tool when trying to build a fan base when used intelligently. However, you will be wasting your time and money if you are running a misleading or oddly targeted ad. If your add is misleading, people might initially like your page but then decide to unlike once they realize what was advertised in the Facebook ad is not what’s happening on the page. An oddly targeted ad is sure to backfire for the same reasons. If you want a fan base that will stick with your page for the long haul, use targeting options that make sense. As a general rule, the fans generated by an intelligently targeted ad are going to stick around longer than fans generated by a “shot in the dark” ad.

Author: Nathan Mendenhall

Tags: Social Media, Digital Marketing, General

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