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5 Recent Facebook Changes That You May Have Missed

Posted at Jul 17, 2012 10:09:49 AM by Nathan Mendenhall | Share

Facebook is infamous for adding and removing features on the fly. This can be such a hassle, but sometimes small changes can be a good thing. Here are five tweaks that Facebook has made recently that you might have missed.

1.Pages Can Add Locations to Posts

Similar to the ability that regular users have to add locations to their posts, pages can now do the same. This location tagging also comes with an option to include a map of the location. There is also the ability to add locations to past posts and photos.

2. Report Duplicate Pages

This is one function that we have all been waiting for. Finally, Facebook is rolling out the ability to report duplicate Facebook pages. Facebook then conducts a review and will mark duplicate pages as “Community Created Page About ____” if the report is warranted. This is a big help to those stressed about duplicate pages.

3. Redesigned Events

This change makes using the Events platform much more user friendly. There is now the option to view your events as a list or a large calendar. Both options make it much easier to keep track of upcoming events. Although it’s a simple change, it really helps interaction with the Events platform.

4. Groups Now Show Who Viewed Posts

If you use the Groups feature, this update might be particularly important. Facebook now tells you who sees each post and when. This can be very useful depending on what you use the Groups platform for. If the group is for a work project, this can be a great tool to keep everyone accountable. As soon as at least one person in the group sees the post, a counter will pop up displaying the total number of people who have seen it. This new feature will remove the old, “oh I didn’t know” excuse because everyone in the group will now be able to see exactly who saw what.

5. Malware Checkpoints

In an attempt to combat Malware, Facebook recently launched checkpoints that allow users to leverage Security Essentials from Microsoft or Scan and Repair from McAfee free of charge. Once users scan their system, they will be given the option to manually or automatically remove the potentially dangerous files. This is great news as the social network seems to be taking the threat of malware very serious. Facebook also opened up an Antivirus Marketplace in April to provide additional security options for its users.

As of right now, all of these changes seems to be in a roll out process. Have you come across any of these? How have you leveraged them? Let us know in the comment section below!

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