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Google vs. Facebook: Which is More Important for Consumers?

Posted at Aug 12, 2011 11:29:35 AM by Joey Wolff | Share

Even if Google and Facebook felt no inherent rivalry towards each other, the world has set them at odds. Every move that one makes is seen as an advance on the other’s territory. Google’s +1 button is their counter to Facebook’s Like. Facebook is trying to take over search. Inevitably, it all comes down to money – and where consumers are likely to spend it. A new study by GLG Research finds that Facebook has had very little impact on Google as far as consumer purchases are concerned. What else did their study uncover?

One of the predictions making the rounds is that people would start to turn more to friends for product information and recommendations, rather than searching for it on their own. This hasn’t really turned out to be the case. According to GLG, only 1 percent of the people surveyed say they ask Facebook connections about products. Further, only 3 percent of Facebook users report that they use Google less because of the social networking site.

On the other hand, 17 percent say that they actually use the world’s largest search engine more because of their Facebook use. Analysts say that asking friends and connections can be unreliable because who is to say they know what they’re talking about? Say you ask whether sour cream or cream cheese is better in goat cheese cheesecake? How many of your friends have actually made, or eaten, goat cheese cheesecake? Turning to Google in this instance, and countless others, makes more sense because you can access more information and expert knowledge.

As unwilling as some are to concede this, maybe there is room in the internet world for two giants.

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