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Social Networking on the Go

Posted at Jul 10, 2011 7:47:02 AM by Joey Wolff | Share

Mobility and social media is a match made in internet heaven. The very nature of social media, of instantaneous communication, information, and entertainment, makes mobility not only important, but essential. Almost two percent of total web usage in the US is accessed via mobile devices, mostly smartphones, and according to some experts, mobile web will “rule” by 2015.

In recent years, if a consumer wanted information, he Googled it. While this is still very common (Google is the most visited website in the world), more people are turning to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites for the exchange of information. Facebook, for instance, is entering the search field, via a partnership with Microsoft’s little search engine that could, Bing. The way we are communicating is changing – and it is going mobile. It is becoming the primary way that we exchange information, particularly product information and reviews.

Almost 70 percent of shoppers turn to social media to look for product reviews, and 58 percent say that this data has a significant effect on their purchase decisions. In addition to shopping, though, mobile social media is becoming more widely used in the areas of medicine and health. From networking sites that let you track your progress or publish your goals to wearable sensors that capture your vitals and send them into the cloud for analysis, telemedicine via smartphone is putting healthcare on the go as well.

According to comScore, 30 percent of smartphone owners used their phones to access social media. This represents a 22.5 percent increase from 2009. Mobile Facebook use increased 112 percent, while mobile Twitter use jumped an incredible 347 percent.

Mobility is essential in social media, but it is also important to make sure your existing website is mobile-ready. Free online testing services can help you determine if your mobile audience is going to be able to reach you.

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