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Is Android Stalling?

Posted at Jun 28, 2011 6:44:13 PM by Joey Wolff | Share

Google’s Android platform entered a mobile world that was (is) dominated by Apple; it has managed to do a fair job at creating competition for Steve Jobs and his “Cupertino Beast.” But according to a recent developer report from Appcelerator and analyst firm IDC, Android’s forward momentum may be stalling.

This is not to say that Google is not selling phones; they are. In fact, there is little doubt among developers that Google and Apple, both, are the major players in the mobile industry. More than 9 out of 10 developers have strong interest in developing for iPhone; in contrast, interest in Android dropped to 85 percent. The interest in developing for Android’s tablets, though, fell 3 points to 71 percent. Android hasn’t managed to capitalize on the tablet trend to the extent that Apple has with its newly released iPad 2.

Only half of developers questioned indicated interest in building applications for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, one of the most popular Android tablets, while under a third have interest in developing for the HTC Flyer.

Why this gap in interest? Many developers feel that Android tablets do not offer enough to warrant the high price tags, and that these computers tend to have a more “rushed” feel than the iPad.

Android, though, is by no means faltering. It does have the gigantic strength of Google behind it, and many of the development issues identified (such as skills fragmentation) will almost certainly be worked out in time. Now, though, developers remain more interested and engaged with Apple devices, as are consumers.

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