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Joomla Plugin Can Help You Reach the World

Posted at Apr 9, 2011 5:45:01 AM by Taylor De Luca | Share

The internet allows your site to have global reach, or the potential for global reach anyway. It is possible to reach people across the world to form a diverse traffic base, but language is a barrier to understanding, and ultimately, the success of your site globally. Is site translation crucial for every site? No. If you want to encourage traffic to your restaurant, you may want to concentrate on techniques to drive local traffic. But for many sites, visitors and consumers may want the same thing but need a different route to get there. A Joomla plugin can help.

Joomla SEF Auto Translator offers a variety of functions, including basic interface translation and translation of your menus, sections, menu items, and articles. It also comes with a “search engine friendly architecture,” which is crucial. Based on the Google Translator Engine, the Joomla plugin supports 43 languages.

One important difference is that Joomla SEF removes Google URLs from your translated pages so that they can be indexed in Google. This way, then can be counted towards your website’s total indexed pages. In addition, it creates search engine friendly URLs to help improve SEO efforts.

Another very important feature of Joomla SEF Auto Translator is that it caches your pages on your server. It doesn’t send translate requests to Google until updates appear, at which time Google Translator is called into action. This keeps the load much lighter on Google, which can keep your server IP address from being blocked by the search giant.

When you use Joomla SEF, you can easily expand your site’s appeal and reach. In an increasingly global world, this is crucial to the success of your business or site. This and other translator plugins are available for download at Joomla’s website.

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