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Copywriting in 140 Characters or Less

Posted at Apr 1, 2011 5:34:25 PM by Taylor De Luca | Share

If you have five hundred words with which to engage audiences, it’s relatively easy. You have room to be witty and clever while still sticking to your purpose. You can be engaging and use words to convey the right tone. With 140 characters or fewer, you don’t have that luxury. You don’t have room to establish a tone; you just have to jump right in. Microwriting, as copywriting for micro blogging sites is known, is a whole new skill. What does it involve?

It involves being concise! A tweet is to a short story like an article is to a novel. In a novel, you have a lot of room to develop your story, introduce your characters, and establish the mood. With a short story, you’ve got to get right to it. With a tweet, brevity really is the soul of wit, and this type of writing tends to be very informal. The trick is to be casual and engaging but still maintain professionalism.

It is also helpful to know some Twitter etiquette. Knowing what things like @ or # or RT mean is crucial so you use them correctly and give your followers the information and/or recognition they want. Your tone should be casual; you can be funny, but above all, be conversational.

The goal is not to explain your site’s business or operating philosophy; it is to engage and interact with potential customers. When people come across a subject of interest, they will share their feelings and conversation is sparked. You are not selling here; Twitter users can smell a sales pitch from ten tweets away, and you will lose any following you’ve managed to establish. This is a tool for meeting and engaging with potential and current customers. Good uses of your updates include important announcements, contests, short tips, or asking for feedback. Replying goes a long way in building a good base of followers.

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