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What Google Learned in 2010

Posted at Feb 17, 2011 5:42:08 AM by Michelle Sternbauer | Share

Partnering with companies like Compete & OTX, Google was able to conduct over 60 research studies, in which they were able to compile and analyze how consumers are utilizing the web. To showcase some of the interesting facts they uncovered, Google recently released a video, which highlights a few cool facts, like:

  1. 89% of consumers started their holiday shopping online.
  2. Portable PC Shoppers do an Average of 14 searches during their shopping process.
  3. Consumers exposed to a homepage ad on YouTube are FOUR TIMES more likely to:
    a. Visit the advertiser site
    b. Search for the brand, or
    c. Watch the company's videos on YouTube.
  4. Nearly 60% of moms search for coupons or special offers.
  5. Google provides the most dating site search referrals, with 64% of these referrals becoming new members.
  6. Across Financial Services Advertisers, for every 10 applications search drives online, search drives another 4.5 applications offline.
  7. Over 70% of TV, movies & gaming fans visit sites on the Google Display Network every day.
  8. Google Display Network reaches more vehicle buyers than any major portal, with 25% of auto purchasers utilizing the mobile web while researching their latest new vehicle.
  9. 75% of patients research symptoms online before discussing them with their doctors.
  10. 40% of travelers serach for consumer reviews online before booking their next trip.

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