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THAT Agency Launches Ask Aztec

Posted at Jan 11, 2010 8:58:18 AM by Bill Teubner | Share

Aztec Acquisitions

The goal of the website for Aztec Acquisitions was to establish a professional and trustworthy appearance. During THAT Agency's discovery process, Aztec Acquisitions was asked to deliver a list of adjectives for use during the design process. THAT Agency turned this exercise around, and utilized the powerful words as a design feature within the header of each page. THAT Agency took advantage of the primitive nature of the logo and term “Aztec”, to create a color palette that was simplistic, yet added variations and subtle graphical interests with the use of gradients. With a distinct call-to-action color, each visitor to the site is sure to know where they are, and where they need to go.

In addition to the creative design, the Ask Aztec website is backed by a full Content Management System (CMS) that allows Aztec Acquisitions to have full control of the site. An additional feature of the website is the system, THAT Agency created, in which a site visitor could elect to receive FREE information via email on a set daily, weekly or monthly interval.

Tags: Web Development, Projects, Web Design

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