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The future of web.

Posted at Dec 31, 2009 7:35:03 AM by Ronald Busky | Share

Back in 1995 when I first hooked up to the internet things were different. Going online involved an annoying dial in period where your modem made its connection. Once online you could "surf " the web for design ideas, news items, books, etc. However the content available was limited and it was hard to find quality material. Often your experience left you with little accomplished and much time wasted. This early stage of internet was at some poin labeled internet 1.0 - where the web was just starting to take shape.

Today, the internet and web design have gone to a whole new level. There are agencies THAT specialize strictly in social networking and/or search engine optimization. Most sites are updated in real time and with a few keystrokes into a google search field you will surely find pages of links holding your searched information. Without question the most significant advancement with the internet is the explosive growth of blogging and social networking. These new technologies take internet content to a whole new level allowing individuals connect with people of similar interests and share their personal or professional lives in real time. Posting information in the form of videos, photo albums and memos to certain friends, groups, or even to selected groups based on relevance. now the Internet is not only a resource full of information that can help you find answers, its progressed into an advanced form of global communication. This current phase of Internet use is commonly referred to as web 2.0.

So what does the future hold and when can we expect to be running web 3.0? Its hard to clearly define when that turning point will actually take place but surely its underway and perhaps we are in many ways already into web 3.0. The next phase of the web could be one that takes the existing ability of global communication to the next level. This phase could be marked by web applications able to do seemingly intelligent things. For example applications could extract relevant solutions or options based on your browsing history. The search engines may eventually take into consideration your income level and only post results that reflect that. It would be as if the computer anticipates your needs based on your viewing or buying habits. Without being a living entity a computer improves your web experience through using what could be described as artificial intelligence. Imagine the possibilities? voice recognition? Having a conversation with your digital assistant while getting ready for work? What if your digital assistant detected some stress through voice recognition? "Perhaps you had taken it to far the night before? Let me play some soothing norwegian death metal for you to help get you going this morning..."

What sounded like science fiction 20 years ago is now just around the corner.

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