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Posted at Aug 26, 2009 12:50:49 PM by Ronald Busky | Share

Its hard to believe but Polaroid, a true pioneer in photography, is winding things down. The allure of Polaroid technology or " the ability to capture and develop an image almost instantly" is gone. Today digital cameras capture stunning images electronically that post to blogs and social networks which can be accessed by anyone from anywhere at anytime of the day. The technology brought by digital cameras revolutionized photography. Polaroid didnt stand a chance and now the film giant has been forced to abandon the very technology that made their company famous.

So where do they go from here? Its uncertain where Polaroid goes from here, but one thing is for certain, the days of Polaroid Instant film are numbered. However a brand name as recognizable as Polaroid will surely adapt to the changing playing field. Basically a household name, Polaroid carries a great deal of brand equity. This allows many options in the field of licensing and cobranding. Recently, Urban Outfitters saw value in the brand for promotional purposes. Upon hearing of Polaroids intent to stop production of cameras, Outfitters stepped in and acquired the rights to their remaining inventory. They plan to launch a promotional offer including Urban Outfitters co-branded Polaroid cameras. It makes sense - imagine a free safari style Polaroid camera to go with your new shorts and flip flops. The retro camera will not only generate sales but will also create hype for both brands. I’m sure other marketing tactics can and will leverage the value the polaroid as a brand in interesting ways.

You have to admit that there will always be a certain cool factor to Polaroid. In the 70s and 80's Polaroids were high tech. In the 90's they were kind of a novelty. Today? The Polaroid camera is a legendary throwback. A retro artifact – not sure what the younger gen Ys think but I think polaroid is hotter than TAB and almost as a cool as the A Team. How awesome would it be to break out an original Polaroid camera at a party to get things going? Well, I guess that depends on how old you are.....

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