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Google's Newest Tools

Posted at Aug 10, 2009 12:47:58 PM by Bill Teubner | Share

The utility of the various Google tools explains why it is the most versatile online search engine. Google tools, such as Google webmaster tools, Google Toolbar and Google Wave, represent the constant innovation that the Internet bigwig believes in.

Latest Google Tools
Google Webmaster Tools: These are a part of the free services offered by Google, allowing webmasters to:

  • Check the crawl rate
  • Know the PageRank of their site
  • Get statistics on the indexing status
  • See the keyword searches that led to the listing of the site in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)

M-Lab: Launched to support the academic community, Google’s open platform Measurement Lab or M-Lab includes three tools that are publicly accessible. Glasnost tests whether BitTorrent traffic is blocked or throttled, or has slowed down on your connection. Other tools help in testing the speed of the connection and indicate whether speed barriers common to last-mile broadband-network infrastructures are hampering connectivity.

Google Wave: This Google tool is a novel communication service that will combine conversation and document, allowing people to communicate and work together while using richly formatted text, images and videos. Combining Gmail and Google Docs, it will create a workspace that would enable collaborative actions such as event planning, playing games or discussing issues. In Google Wave, a user can create a wave and keep on adding people to it. Each of them can reply to or edit the wave. One can rewind the wave to trace its evolution.

Google Flu Trends: This is one of those Google tools that was launched in public interest, as a health initiative. The tool looks at the relative popularity of flu-related search terms to locate areas where flu outbreaks may be occurring. Anybody from health officials to mothers of sick kids can find out the current levels of flu activity in their state.

The newest Google Toolbar (version 6 for Microsoft IE): This is the easiest way to expedite searches through Google. The search engine giant has introduced its own taskbar button. It can launch applications, as an alternative to the Start button for Windows. It gives complete search history, can search videos and translate text from one language to another.

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