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Social Media Trends

Posted at Jul 22, 2009 12:28:00 AM by Bill Teubner | Share

Social media trends indicate that online marketing is set to undergo a dramatic makeover. Businesses are increasingly integrating social networking websites into their marketing strategy. A recent study conducted by the Association of National Advertisers (a representative body of American marketers) revealed that 26% of marketers found trends in social media taking it towards further growth.

Social Media Trends
Recession has called for accountability and efforts are being made towards innovating measurement techniques. This would help in calculating the ROI from marketing through social media. The Online Measurement and Strategy Report 2009 (conducted by Econsultancy in combination with Lynchpin) recorded that the proportion of firms looking at social media metrics has doubled during the course of a year from 21% to 40%.

The popularity of tools monitoring the buzz continues to rise. Be it staying alert with Google or inhaling the web on Addictomatic, such tools have become essential to internet marketing. Influence has emerged as a main indicator of success. The authority an account exercises over its followers and the networking activity as a whole are becoming the measurement tools.

Social networks are going mobile. With devices such as the iPhone closely integrating the Web and cell phones, social networks like MySpace are working towards establishing their mobile presence. In January 2009, almost 735,000 unique users visited the Twitter site through the use of mobile devices.

As the spread of news and messages becomes rapid, crisis management (dealing with negative comments) becomes vital. Rogue employees uploaded a video on YouTube, showing how unsanitary the preparation at Dominos was.

Trends in Social Media: Marketplace Developments
The year ending in March 2009 has seen some remarkable changes in social media marketing trends.

Source: Econsultancy.com

  • Twitter has come to the centre of the stage in a very short span of time. Its phenomenal success can be estimated from the fact that the proportion of marketers using Twitter as a part of their marketing strategy has grown from 3% to 49%. Dell announced that Twitter had driven sales worth $3 million for the organization within two years.
  • However, Facebook continues to hold its dominant position in this market. Over 65% of respondent companies incorporated this social networking website in their marketing strategy.

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