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.Net vs. PHP

Posted at Jul 1, 2009 9:04:06 PM by Bill Teubner | Share

The battle between web programming languages, such as .Net vs. PHP, has been raging for sometime. Each programming language has its own pros and cons and all languages have a fixed shelf life – they are launched, they take the market by storm for a time and then are replaced by a newer language. Let us look at two of the most popular web programming languages more closely – the .net language and PHP language.

.Net Language
The Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET is a programming language that was originally developed for the Microsoft.NET Framework. It is a high-level, powerful language that is easy to learn and use on the one hand and caters even to the needs of experienced programmers on the other hand. The Visual Basic .Net language is similar to Visual Basic. The syntax used is close to English, with meaningful words and phrases being used wherever possible, rather than acronyms, abbreviations or special characters. This enhances the readability and clarity of the .Net code.

To ensure high quality performance and speed and accuracy of execution, the Visual Basic .Net language includes strongly typed semantics and performs various checks at compile-time while blocking run-time binding for method calls.

PHP Language
The PHP language, which originally stood for Personal Home Page, is a scripting language that enables the creation of dynamic web pages. Today, PHP language includes a command language interface and is capable of being used in standalone graphical applications. PHP can also be embedded into HTML. PHP language usually works on the PHP code as its input to create web pages and runs on a web server. PHP software is released under the PHP License but is incompatible with GPL (the GNU General Public License). Given that the software can be deployed free of charge on any web server, PHP has rapidly grown in popularity, being installed on more that 20 million websites (Usage Stats for April 2007).

.Net vs. PHP
In attempting to determine which of the two languages wins this battle for supremacy, let’s look at the performance of the two on key parameters:

  1. Speed & Efficiency – The PHP language is faster and more stable than the various forms of .Net.
  2. Platform – While the .Net language is only suitable for the ISS platform (Windows), PHP can run on Windows, Solaris, Unix and Linux.
  3. Price – PHP installation is cheaper, especially given that it can be installed on a Linux platform, which is free.
  4. Ease of Use – Here the .Net language wins hands down, given the hidden codes that need to be used for PHP. Being Open Source software, the PHP language uses a vast number of hidden codes.
  5. Security – Both languages offer equally strong security.

Although PHP language seems to be the better programming language in the long run, most companies do not trust it because it is Open Source software.

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