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Google dependency

Posted at Feb 3, 2009 7:45:00 AM by Taylor De Luca | Share

On January 31st the world stopped for an entire hour! For about an hour on Saturday morning, Google listed every site on the Internet as malware. Users would click on a link, and recieve a Warning message instead of the page that was requested.

"Human Error" was Google's excuse.

This "human error" shut down Google for everyone in the entire world.

So the question is, "Are we too dependant on Google?"

What would happen to your business, rankings, searches, email, calendars, phones? Would you lose business because people could not find out about you? Would the economy sink into a deeper recession?

Personally I use Google every single day. I use it for email, I have two accounts. I admit to not memorizing url's, I can do a quick search on Google and the site I want comes up first. I use Google maps and images. If Google left my work environment world, it would be a lot harder to get anything done.

As a business, Google offers top rankings, key words and advertising. Google is an important SEO tool to draw attention to a site. In the dark ages, the only way to do this was take out a Yellowpages ad.

I guess another massive search engine would evolve, Microsoft probably has one in the works already.

Google though is known as "The Cloud" with their News, Email, Calendars, Phones, Search Engine, and the anticipated Google GDrive.

We are too dependent on Google, but with good reason.

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