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Google Helping to Put IE6 Out of Its Misery

Posted at Jan 6, 2009 6:26:39 AM by Taylor De Luca | Share

Gmail LogoIn a good move recently, Google has quietly set the stage for an Internet Explorer 6 killer. Finally! By offering faster Gmail to users that don't use IE6 it is in fact helping the browser cause.

Of course they're promoting their own browser, Chrome, but that's not the only option. When users of IE6 reach Gmail.com, a "Get faster Gmail" message appears in the Web-based service's menu bar. The message, in turn, links to a page on Google's Web site that describes Chrome and Firefox 3 as being "twice as fast" at running Gmail. Hopefully this will sway any users still stuck on the 8 year old browser (IE6) to move onward and upward to a safer, faster browser and ultimately put the browsing dinosaur to rest.

This is just one of many steps many companies have taken over the years to rid the world of IE6 and the fact that Google has made the effort makes me think that maybe, just maybe it's finally on it's way out. Let's hope.

As developers IE6 has posed problem after problem from running JS properly to properly supporting CSS standards, not to mention the obvious security flaws inherent in outdated technology. With this subtle move Google has set the tone to make browsing a happier place for all.

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