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PPC Advertising - Brand Name Bidding

Posted at Dec 29, 2008 10:51:23 AM by Joey Wolff | Share

In the past, we've talked a little about the importance of running pay per click campaigns for searches related to your brand name. We've discussed several reasons why, even when your website ranks #1 organically for your brand name, you can still benefit from bidding on your brand name. Today, I want to talk about a couple more strategies that can be implemented when bidding on your and your competitors' brand names.

Another reason to bid on your brand name

Pay per click ads are great for promoting specials. Having an end of season sale or trying to promote a new package or product discount? Try running pay per click ads promoting your specials and packages. When customers search for your brand, they will not only see the organic listing for your website, but also the ad promoting your most recent promotion. The advantage to running these ads is that you not only draw attention to your promotion sooner (at the point where customers are searching for you), you can also utilize a custom landing page better suited to promoting the special than your homepage might be. This may seem pretty obvious but many advertisers forget this method of promoting specials.

Bidding on your competitor's brand name

Let's say that your competitor has just launched a massive offline promotion aimed at driving people to their website. You can be pretty sure that searches related to your competitor's brand name or their promotion will greatly increase in the upcoming days as consumers are exposed to the radio, TV, newspaper or other offline ads. Remember that the consumers searching during this campaign are more likely to be interested in your product or service because as they are motivated to search out the special offer they head about elsewhere. Consider running ads for your competitor's brand name simultaneously as their promotion runs. In your ad, create a similar but better offer that will be likely to draw motivated buyers your way. In a sense, you're piggybacking on your competitor's ad which has attracted motivated buyers. Your main challenge will be swaying these searchers to purchase from you, instead. This strategy is most effective in situations where your product is a direct substitute and is considered to be 'equal' to your competitor's.

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