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Photography on sale...

Posted at Nov 7, 2008 10:38:08 AM by Ronald Busky | Share

Over the past few years technology has progressed at a very fast pace. Along with it the technology behind digital imaging has moved so fast that even photo industry giant kodak was unable to keep up. They recently filed for bankruptcy. Were they mismanaged? Not really – but they were behind the curve with digital photography which ultimately led to their loss of market-share.

For years, die hard photographers discredited digital and rightfully so - the quality wasn't there. Who in their right mind would do a catalog using digital?

That was 10 years ago. Now its all digital. No more film, no more scans, and no more waiting. Since there is no more film - there can be no more grain either which leads to much clearer photos. Another great thing about the digital photography is the proofing - you don't have to . You can see the end result while doing the shoot. Believe it or not photographers used to shoot the shot twice. Once with the medium format cam and once with a polaroid back on the same cam to make sure they had the shot framed right. Can you imagine that? Now photogs show up on site with a laptop so they can preview the work make color correction on the spot and even deliver the completed project before leaving the shoot!

All of this has really changed the playing field for photographers and photography in general. To me its exciting because it seems to have made the whole process more accessible to amateur photographers. On the other hand, it has devalued the cost of professional photography.

Recently I had a discussion with a friend who is a professional photographer. For him the conversion from film to digital was painless and the ease of use allowed him to push his creativity to a new level. The hard part for him was keeping up with the unbelievable amount of high quality stock photography. Basically, any photo you can imagine can be purchased online from a stock agency within minutes – and you can get it for almost no expense. Stock photography can cost as low as a dollar an image! This unlimited availability of great images for such low prices has made it very difficult for him to book photo shoots. His customers can now find it online.

As the world progresses technology wise, its important to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the changes. This rapid change has affected a lot of professionals and businesses. What about all of those little film development huts you'd see in the parking lot at shopping malls? Gone like the dinosaurs.

As usual their are 2 sides to every story. and some have benefitted from the shift. Being a designer, I couldn't be happier. It has given me control of the shoot. I can either shoot it myself or find it through an agency. This has allowed me to produce better work in less time and saved me money.

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