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Masonite wins Best Design Award. THAT Agency receives bragging rights.

Posted at Nov 26, 2008 10:51:46 AM by Taylor De Luca | Share

Award: Best of the Web. Category: Building Products. Competition: Strong.
Building companies have huge budgets and great products. The goal of the award winning site, Masonite, was to indefinitely match everything that they build, provide, and stand for. Masonite chose THAT Agency to get the job done.

The Masonite site was hand selected by a panel of the industry’s best Building professionals. The other sites in this category did not come close to how Masonite was built. Masonite is one of the world’s largest builders and seller of doors. Their focus is on leading-edge innovation and this site reflects that, 100%.
How did this design stand out of the crowd of sites that consisted of cluttered, unpleasing content and the other crowd of well meaning designs and equally good products? THAT Agency was contracted to design an outstanding website for the end user, the Building Professional. THAT Agency made Masonite’s product, the door, interesting by displaying it in a new but obvious way. Open one door and the other closes, meaning as you select the door you’re interested in, it becomes your focus and the others fade to the back.
THAT Agency worked for months on designing and developing this site. Through their hard work and dedication to create brand greatness, they were able to create a dynamically fed interactive door slider to present Masonite’s most popular doors in a unique way. This innovative technique put Masonite ahead of the competition. Part of the design that really stands out is the strong door imagery that displays on the shiny the black background. The black is what makes the doors reflect and jump off of the page. The site is elegant and easy to navigate, there are an endless amount of doors and the way they display seems draws you in so you’re not overwhelmed.
In closing the door, let’s not forget what this blog is about, it’s about the bragging rights to the 2008 Best Design that belongs to Masonite and the agency who was behind it all, THAT Agency!

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