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Google Suggest

Posted at Aug 29, 2008 8:51:06 AM by Michelle Sternbauer | Share

Very recently, Google released it newest feature, Google Suggest. This feature has been out there in a beta version, and a similar feature has also been available through your Google Toolbar. The idea behind Google Suggest is that when a user starts to typing, it will offer suggestions, in real time. It is fairly similar to Google's existing "Did you mean?" feature, which offers variations on spellings for your query after you search. This difference though, is that Google Suggest works in real time.

Google Suggest differs from the existing Google Toolbar feature as it does not account for personal search history, as it does with Google Toolbar. Google Suggest simply offers up potentional keyword phrases, in real time, based on data about the overall popularity of various searches to help rank the refinements it offers.

We are anticipating a potentially drastic change in Search in general, as it pertains to how users locate information using Google and the information that is displayed within Google's SERPs. The downfall to this new feature, as it relate to search engine optimization and search engine marketing, is that these more historically searched keyword phrases, will be displayed to users to select, rather than typing in a more "long tail" keyword phrase, causing both the reality for getting ranked for that keyword phrase and the cost-per-click for that keyword phrase to become and unrealistic burden to bear. The longtail keyword phrase that search engine specialists were utilizing to supplement the more competitive keyword phrases could potentially become obsolete as the user is basically directed as to what they should search for.

Doesn't this seem to be a round-about way for Google to control (even more so than in the past) the sites that are going to appear within their SERPs?

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