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Brand of International Luxury Resorts Leverages Business with Social Media Marketing

Posted at Aug 24, 2008 8:00:00 PM by Michelle Sternbauer | Share

WEST PALM BEACH, FL, August 25, 2008- The distinguished social media marketing (SMM) campaign for ME by Melia, a luxury brand of urban-style resorts, celebrates its 7th month of growing the presence, the voice, the revenue of the brand and each of its three properties across the Web.

In January, ME by Melia contacted Web design and online marketing firm THAT Agency with a desire to share their experience-centric approach to contemporary hotel accommodations with a vastly untapped market. They wanted to be able to engage with potential customers in real-time, to connect with them on a more personal level than what was typically afforded by other marketing mediums. With a comprehensive social media marketing campaign, it was determined that ME by Melia could target their ideal geo-and-socioeconomic demographic and interact; leveraging brand awareness and successfully converting a call to action.

The ME by Melia/THAT Agency discovery phase uncovered a myriad of strategies that had enormous potential for extending the hotels' reach to new audiences. With a better understanding of who ME by Melia was and everything they sought to achieve through their social media marketing efforts, THAT Agency developed a personalized campaign; one that integrated a belief that success on the Web is dictated by innovation, experience and sharing.

"The glaring success of the ME by Melia campaign is a testament not only to the value and influence of creative social media marketing strategies but what is accomplished when a company truly understands and believes in the product they promote," said THAT Agency president Bill Teubner.

THAT Agency employed the resources of both large (MySpace, Facebook, Tagged) and niche (travel-specific) social networks cultivating a communal quality essential to ME by Melia brand. Individual Blogs gave each hotel a unique and compelling voice; highly-interactive communities such as Digg, Flickr YouTube, and numerous online content publishers provoked the inherent viral nature of media on the Web driving new streams of traffic to the hotel websites and in turn new business for the brand.

It was ME by Melia's ability to recognize the value of social media marketing and THAT Agency's capacity for realizing their goals that have allowed both businesses to propel the ME by Melia brand to the forefront of their industry's presence on the Web.

About THAT Agency

THAT Agency is a leading Web design and online marketing firm from Florida. While their client list includes international corporations such as Norwegian Cruise Lines and Masonite Doors they continue to meet the needs and budgets of smaller businesses. They are able to provide all of the services of a web solutions company as well as the expertise and creativity of an advertising agency. With a full staff of designers developers and marketing specialists they are capable of designing a solution for just about any marketing or advertising need. From the web to print, THAT Agency has built a reputation based on quality and timely delivery. THAT Agency can be contacted at 561-832-6262 or on the Web at www.THATAgency.com.

About ME by Melia

ME by Melia is a brand of experience-based personality hotels in select urban and resort destinations including Barcelona, Cabo, Cancun, and Madrid. An experience beyond mere accommodation ME engages the intellect, emotions, senses and desires of each guest through design, music, cuisine, and art. ME delivers the thrill of the unexpected; it is designed to inspire, to transform. ME by Melia can be contacted at 866-43-MELIA, or on the Web at www.MEbyMelia.travel.

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