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Why You Should Bid on your Brand Name

Posted at Jul 28, 2008 2:39:27 PM by Joey Wolff | Share

I’ve often suggested to clients that they run a pay per click campaign for their brand name. Usually, there’s resistance. After all, some of our clients already rank first in the organic results for their company name. Why would run a paid ad when they can get traffic from brand-related terms for free?

In rare situations, this point is valid. But here are only a few convincing reasons why you should, at a bare minimum, run pay per click campaigns for terms related to your brand name.

Bad Organic Ranking
Sometimes companies have trouble getting a top organic ranking for their name when their company name contains generic keyword phrases that are harder to rank for. For companies that don’t rank #1 for terms related to their brand name, it’s absolutely critical that they run a pay per click campaign for terms related to their brand name.

Imagine the frustration of a potential customer who saw an ad of yours (online or offline) and now can’t find your website to do business with you. Also, imagine their impression of your company if you’re that hard to find on the internet.

Aggressive Competitors
In situations where your competitors are bidding on your brand name, again, you definitely want to be there as well. What this means is that your competitors can run ads that appear any time your name is searched. Whether you rank first in the organic results or not, cleaver ad copy by your competitors could be just enough to distract a potential customer. If for example, the only product you sell is tennis sneakers, your competitor may run an ad offering 50% of all tennis sneakers when your name is searched, in hopes that they can pull your customer away. Marketers who have used this strategy can attest to its effectiveness.

Take a minute and search for your name and variation of your name. Are any of your competitors using this strategy?

Your Brand Name or Website Address is Hard to Spell, Say or Remember
That’s right, not everyone knows as much about your company as you do. If for example you’re one of the zillion law firms out there named after six different partners, you’ve got to make sure you’re bidding on a variety of keywords that searchers might use to find you.

If you’ve got a tough name to spell or a long website address, try to think of different ways that customers may try to spell it and run ads for those terms.

Offline Marketing Support
Let’s say you’re running a series of radio ads this week. Listeners may hear your ad, like the offer, and then want to go online to get more info. Of course, they were driving home from work when they heard the ad and won’t be able to get on the web until later. By the time they do get around to searching for you, it’s possible they misspell your company name, web address or just can’t remember your exact name. Consumers are force-fed advertisements all day which makes it hard to remember the specifics of any one ad. Compliment offline campaigns and ensure that potential customers find you by running complimentary PPC ads.

These are just a few of many reasons that you might want to consider starting a few small brand name keyword-specific pay per click ads. After all, you wouldn’t open a store in a local strip mall without putting a sign out with your name on it, would you? Then why run the risk of having potential customers look for you online and not find you. Besides, if it turns out that no one is searching for your brand name, it won’t cost you anything and may be a sign that you need to run pay per click ads for other reasons…

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