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Google Digs Flash- Sort Of

Posted at Jul 7, 2008 8:25:54 AM by Joey Wolff | Share

For years, Flash designers and developers have been shunned by the search engines and the SEO world because this technology was not ‘search engine friendly’. While Flash gurus were making the web a fun place by providing visual enhancements and improved user interaction, Google was ignoring their hard work because it couldn’t, or wouldn’t, index content hidden in Flash files. Well, times are changing as Google recently announced the launch of their new algorithm for indexing some Flash content.

In short, Google recently announced that they can now ‘see’ most text elements within flash files. Any content or links presented as text within your flash files should now be indexable. Additionally, Google has stated that they are now able to interact with flash by, “clicking buttons, entering input, and so on.” This means that Google will be able to access more pages on more websites that were using Flash for navigation.

Google still cannot ‘see’ images and video that don’t contain text elements. They also have stated that they continue to have trouble accessing certain types of JavaScript files.

What does this mean for the web?
From an SEO standpoint, we’ll probably see more competition in the search world as more content is indexed by Google. All that old content that was previously hidden in flash files may now be included in the search index for searchers to enjoy.

Also, as Google improves their ability to index Flash content we’ll see Flash implemented across the web. Once the SEO community becomes confident in Google’s ability to scan Flash files, they’ll likely start giving the green light for increased flash implementation.

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