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Businesses going green

Posted at Jul 2, 2008 1:45:45 PM by Joey Wolff | Share

Going green has become a hot topic in our environmentally conscious society. More and more companies are making the effort to take a "green" approach to how they do business through a variety of methods, including recycling, conservation, environmentally-friendly construction and more. This kind of social consciousness appeals to potential customers and clients, which means it helps to spread the word about the purpose of going green and what strides have been taken by an individual organization.

How do you tell the world that your company has officially “gone green?” The best avenue is through your Website. Not only can you discuss the measures you have taken in detail, your site can also act as a resource, passing along valuable “green” links to visitors. The focus should be on your organization and the motives behind going green. This kind of forward thinking about the carbon footprint your company leaves on this planet will provide both potential and existing customers extra incentive for doing business with your company.

THAT Agency provides a great concept in their “green page” offering. Because THAT Agency understands and applauds the steps taken in any company’s agenda to go green, a Green Page can be designed to highlight those efforts and detail the ideology behind them. The Green Page will be a representation of your particular brand and will enforce your commitment to the environment and make a statement about your company’s belief in preserving it. Moreover, the Green Page will also display your commitment to the investment and conservation of the very employees at the heart of your operation. Therefore, if your company has employee-centered programs in place that not only place a focus on their efforts to go green, but also on the significance of their overall well-being and how that affects your company as a whole, a Green Page is a necessity for your company.

THAT Agency has a commitment in standing behind those companies that have made the choice to stand up for the environment. Each company that goes green deserves a Website that reflects their dedication for the world to see.

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