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Four Main Web Design Rules

Posted at Jun 20, 2008 9:05:50 AM by Taylor De Luca | Share

There are probably a million web design rules out there and it can be really overwhelming when you are just trying to focus on what is important. So I explain the “Four critical web design rules” as stated by Nicolas LaPolla.

1. Make sure your page is easy to read
Most people do not actually go through and read everything on a page. They scan the page to find the information they are looking for. If a person cannot find what they are looking for in the first couple second they are on the site they will most likely move on to a different site. To make it easier for the reader try to break up your content. Use headers and sub-headers to make it simple to stop what you are looking for. Keywords can also help make it trouble-free to find information.
Font and background colors are important too. Make sure there is a large contrast between the text and the background and keep your back ground plain.

2. Simplify Navigation
From the beginning (design stage) you should think about how your readers are going to get from one page of your site to the next. The general rule is that a visitor should be able to get to the page they want with no more than three clicks of a mouse. To simplify this have a clear navigation bar and repeat it at the bottom of the page. A menu on the side of the page can also be helpful. Use links that lead to other pages in your sites. If you do it well this can really help your SEO (search engine optimization).

3. Consistent Design
In my opinion this might be the most important rule. Keep your pages similar. It is generally a good idea to use the same layout (2 can be acceptable). You want your design to flow from one page to the next. This does not mean that ever page has to look exactly alike, but you want your readers to feel like they are on the same site as they click through your pages. Keep your navigation bars in the same place and keep the same color scheme and fonts.

4. Lower Page Weight is Better
You want to keep the weight of your page low because the page will load faster. If a page takes too long to load you will loose your visitor’s interest and they may decide to just visit a different page. This means avoid all large images or too many images. You should never have a page above 64K but try to keep it even lighter then that at about 35K.

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