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It's Not About Theory, It's About Practice

Posted at May 18, 2008 2:37:17 PM by Enid Glasgow | Share

Consider the following image:

It incorporates rich imagery. There are multiple directions of movement—The orange, glowing core commands your attention and, from there, your focus wanders. Motion also follows an elliptical course and seemingly revolves along the canvas.

If it looks busy, that's because it is, and the effort that went into its creation—40 hours and a skillful hand in Adobe Illustrator—can all be appreciated in the time-lapsed video below.

Look for… The design of a cat that is ultimately condensed to an illegible proportion.

Over at Designing The News, Dave Bowker employs Illustrator for the purpose of representing The Guardian's headlines through a cohesion of clean typography, pictograms, and low-contrast earthtones.

Why the shift from writing and typographically-themed posts to one devoted to graphics design? Because it's all art, and a fitting segue into the 3rd annual Seed Conference in Chicago, IL.

On June 6th, "learn about taking control of your own work by seeking out methods to inspire new thinking and adopt unconventional ideas about collaboration and business…"

Who the conference is for:

"…attend if you’re a designer (print, web or video) or a business-minded soul who is looking to take creative ideas and turn them into something SATISFYING & BANKABLE. Anyone creative with an open mind will take away something useful."

As always, these posts are meant to be informative and, most importantly, inspire

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