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Pioneering Prostate Surgeon has Website Built by THAT Agency

Posted at Nov 26, 2007 7:00:00 PM by Michelle Sternbauer | Share

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida, October 25,2007- Dr.Arnon Krongrad, a pioneer of the prostate surgery option called laparoscopic radical prostatectomy, recently had his website LAPRP.com redesigned and developed by THAT Agency. The new LAPRP.com not only allows patients to become familiar with Dr. Krongrad and The Krongrad Institute, but also to become more familiar with prostate cancer, laprascopic radical prostatectomy as a solution, and the stories of men that have had the procedure.

The newly designed and developed LAPRP.com has created an environment of learning and treatment for prostate cancer on the web. Patients can read about advances that have been made in regards to their disease from media clippings posted on the site, they can read from varying medical journals about their condition, and can even hear from fellow patients about their journey with the ailment.

&quote;Dr Krongrad didn't just want a generic website, he wanted a site that educated and informed his patients,&quote; THAT Agency's Presidents Bill Teubner said,&quote;We were able to create a site with a clean design and easy navigation that makes the educational content and Dr.Krongrad's contribution to medicine the real message being conveyed to the visitor.&quote;

Dr. Krongrad will be able to serve as his own webmaster through a custom content management system (CMS) built by the developers at THAT Agency. The CMS provides Dr. Krongrad the ability to be a teacher as well as a webmaster, through content creation such as blog and common question entries.

&quote;Through this site, patients will now be able to learn about The Krongrad Institute and their amazing work in the field of prostate cancer surgery,&quote; said Teubner.

About THAT Agency:

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