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THAT Agency Gets SEO Results for Pangea3

Posted at Sep 6, 2007 8:00:00 PM by Bill Teubner | Share

THAT Agency, a Florida web design and search marketing company, recently completed the initial stages of search engine optimization for www.Panges3.com. The site's owners, Pangea3, are the leading legal outsourcing firm in India according to the industries &quote;Black Book of Outsourcing.&quote;

The optimization of www.Pangea3.com was a multi-step process, which will continue even after the initial SEO steps.

The first step in THAT Agency's campaign was to take Pangea3's existing website and make it tableless using W3C verified CSS. This layout makes the individual page file size smaller, and also makes it easier for search engine spiders to crawl.

THAT Agency did extensive keyword research while the site was being converted to tableless CSS. Working hand in hand with Pangea3 they created a list of terms that would actively attract the market that would be searching for the legal outsourcing firm's services.

&quote;Quality keyword research is the first step in turning your website into a quality marketing tool,&quote; THAT Agency's Search Engine Marketing Manager David Snyder said, &quote;By choosing keywords that your market is looking for your services with, you are able to get conversion driven visitors to your site.&quote;

Keyword research led to a number of on-page optimization tactics including the creation of meta information, title tags, and in-text linking. These steps are only a small part of marketing a site for search engines, but they are an important first step.

After the pages were optimized from title tags to content the process of inbound link building proceeded.

&quote;Inbound linking is a difficult and crucial process in search engine optimization,&quote; Snyder said, &quote;Without quality inbound links on-page optimization efforts will do little to help you gain quality organic traffic.&quote;

The results for the first few months of the SEO process have been very encouraging. The site, www.Pangea3.com, has seen 33% of the keywords that it is optimized for land in the first 30 results of their searches in Google. On MSN, 12% of the words rank 1st overall in the search engine results pages. The search engine results are visible in the traffic which increased 46% from July to August, and 65% since the optimization efforts began in May.

THAT Agency has experience with search engine optimization and search engine marketing for various types of web sites and businesses. They offer quality keyword research, on-page optimization, and inbound link building. They also offer industry leading analytics using Omniture. This gives clients the ability to see how their SEO or SEM plans are translating into various types of traffic and conversions.THAT Agency's client list and case studies can be viewed at www.thatagency.com

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