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Organic SEO vs Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Posted at Jan 8, 2007 1:36:39 PM by Michelle Sternbauer | Share

There are two popular methods that people think of for Online Marketing: organic Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Most people would ideally want to use both methods strategically to maximize their site's online presence, however each method has it's distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Organic Search Engine Optimization:

Organic Search Engine Optimization offers distinct advantages over Pay-Per-Click Advertising, as many recent studies show. A majority of studies indicate that people are less likely to click on paid search ads, rather than search results that appear from organic search engine optimization. Studies have also shown that the overall conversion rate is higher for unpaid search results, than for paid search results. More and more people are becoming aware of the difference between paid search listings and those listings that are naturally occuring. One recent study shows that 54 percent of Google Search users are aware of the difference, and 66 percent of those users distrust paid advertising. While Pay-Per-Click Advertising may be popular for producing results more quickly, Organic Search Engine Optimization can give you the results that will last. If your Organic Search Engine Optimization Campaign is built from a solid foundation, the results will outlast and be more beneficial than any Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaign.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising:

This is not a no brainer, even though it seem pretty cut and dry. Pay-Per-Click Advertising does benefit those people looking for fast results on a minimal budget. Pay-Per-Click Advertising provides user with immediate results. There is no down time for your site while it is being optimized for organic rankings. Additionally, some companies just do not have a budget that will allow for the expenditure for Organic Search Engine Optimization without seeing immediate results. With Pay-Per-Click Advertising, users can select the keywords they would like to target, and also dictate how much they are willing to spend to be ranked within the paid search. This allows users to control how and where their money is spent. Pay-Per-Click Advertising, as daunting as it may seem, is much easier to handle within your business, then Organic Search Engine Optimization, which almost always must be outsourced. And when you outsource your Organic Search Engine Optmization, there is almost always a contract of a certain length, due to the time it will take in order to see actual results. With Pay-Per-Click Advertising, you are not bound to any length of time, and you are able to start and stop as you see fit.

There are some very distinct positive and negatives to both Organic Search Engine Optmization and Pay-Per-Click Advertising. You must first determine what your overall goal for your online presence will be, and then determine what your budget will be. That should help you to figure out which solution is best for you. However, I most definitely feel that a combination of both (a.k.a a happy medium) will give you the best of both worlds!

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