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THAT Agency Website Design and Development for Trim Talk

Posted at Aug 7, 2006 8:00:00 PM by Michelle Sternbauer | Share

West Palm Beach, FL - When Trim Talk needed web development coaching and search engine optimization, these weight loss coaches turned to THAT Agency (formerly Boalt Advertising), who built a powerful Ecommerce website that reaches both potential and existing customers and maximizes sales.

Programmed in Microsoft's asp.net, Trim Talk's Ecommerce website offers online weight loss coaching, nutrition coaching including personalized meal plans and fitness support coaching including custom exercise plans, plus recipes, success stories and much more. Asp.net creates dynamic web applications, and asp.net possesses the power and flexibility THAT Agency thought was necessary in building TrimTalk.com.

THAT Agency currently is building out Trim Talk's sales funnel to gain and retain more users, and THAT Agency is currently streamlining Trim Talk's website's search engine optimization and its pay-per-click advertising. THAT Agency knows that to build a site that flexes its Web muscle, the Web development must produce pages that are trim of excess verbiage and graphics, informative, visually appealing and easy to navigate. And that's what Trimtalk.com is.

Founded by Dr. Leonard J. Ram, the only U.S. physician certified in nutrition and gastroenterology, Trim Talk's mission is to provide dieters with the "e;support you deserve."e; They do this through live, dedicated support, via phone or e-mail, with prices starting as low as $4.95 for four weeks of sessions.

THAT Agency, formerly Boalt Advertising, is an interactive design agency that focuses on on-line conversion using the latest web development techniques and technology. THAT Agency performs web development projects, including building eCommerce websites, business solutions while utilizing the principles of web design, search engine optimization and site usability to promote companies both big and small, products and/or services.

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