Tips for Dealership Walkthrough Videos

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With technology as advanced and as easily available as it is, there is now no excuse not take advantage of the digital auto dealership marketing opportunities available - especially dealership walkthrough videos.

Traditionally, it was expensive and even cost-prohibitive to produce video advertising assets. Now, with a cell phone and the right lighting, you can be the next Spielberg or Scorsese. Of course, having an automotive marketing agency tackle this task for you adds a professional touch; even so, today’s technology ensures that outsourcing is within reach.

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What is a DEAlership Walkthrough Video?

Dealership walkthrough videos are designed to help customers get to know the vehicles. Not only do the videos help the customers understand all the features of their new rides, but videos are also a fantastic sales strategy.

These videos are effective post-sales tools: you continue providing valuable information even after the ink’s dry on the papers. But the videos also help move leads along the purchase cycle. Prospective customers can view the videos online before they even hit the lot. They’ll see the features each vehicle has to offer - and understand the value your dealership offers.

Today’s dealership marketing has to keep each stage of the buying journey in mind. Videos help you do this with maximum “bang for your buck.” If you’re planning on making a walkthrough video, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Tip #1: Focus on Pre-Production

What do you want your video to convey? You don’t have to tell the whole story of your business. In fact, shorter is sweeter here. Focus on a specific topic: Best Tech Features of the 2018 Model X or How We Make Servicing Your New Vehicle a Breeze. Three to four minutes will do it. You can always create a series to highlight other features of the Model X and your dealership.

You can also emphasize your unique selling proposition. Show your employees working hard to meet customer needs or showcase the inventory that you’re expecting soon. All these “behind the scene” peeks will be fun for people to watch and will turn into more leads for your dealership.

Tip #2: Set the Mood

Walkthrough videos show your inventory, and your dealership, in their best lights. Literally. Take the time to consider issues such as lighting and sound. First, get used to shooting in Landscape mode, and think about your optics.

For example, is it best to shoot outside on a nice day? If you go this route, make sure that any people in your video aren’t facing into the sun, because they’ll start squinting. Also make sure that they’re not backlit by the sun (the sun will be directly at their back making them look dark).

Whether you opt for outdoors or in, spruce up your surroundings. Pay attention to sound as well. To avoid distracting ambient noise, investing in an inexpensive lavalier or “lav” mic to improve sound quality.

Always double check your settings before you go live with or post anything, so you can make sure that your audio and video are working correctly.

Tip #3: Use (Real!) People

People enjoy watching real people; they have an innate trust of their peers. By featuring staff and/or customers in your videos, you’re turning the experiences into more authentic and relatable ones.

Always introduce whomever is in the video as well. For example, if you have someone working in your dealership demonstrating how to connect Bluetooth to a vehicle, make sure that the employee introduces him- or herself at the beginning - and signs off at the end - of the video. This helps build that connection in the minds of prospects/customers.

If you’re unsure about doing the videos yourself, ask an automotive marketing agency for help. Their experience ensures you will have relevant, sales-worthy content in an optimized and visually-appealing package.

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