Google's Mobile Playbook [Part #2]

27 July

Google's Mobile Playbook [Part #2]

Google’s: The Full Value of Mobile

In our last post about Google's Mobile Playbook, we talked about the new tracking tool Google has created to allow us to start estimating all sorts of KPIs that can be a direct reflection of advertising efforts, through the massive amount of mobile traffic [most] websites are receiving. We touched on the fact that there is such a tool, but we truly delved more into the questions you should be asking yourself, as a company, to enhance your position on this new mobile-centric atmosphere. Now we’ll really get into the nitty gritty of Google’s Full Value of Mobile tool; how to use each tracking system, when, where, etc.
Google's Full Value of Mobile Caluculator
Google believes that through our “constant connectivity” to which mobile has provided us, there are five new ways in which we obtain customers, and ultimately transactions. Once you click inside each particular option, you are sent to a section that will offer you further details, as well as the choice of entering your data in manually, or even uploading it directly from Google AdWords. Those five paths are as follows:
Google's Value of Mobile Calculator: In-Store
In Store: A lot of discussion lately has been about local searches and optimizing local SEO. The reality is that the majority of local searches are for a common reason: finding a storefront that offers the product/service the user is looking for. Mobile devices have always been used for this use – particularly when people are on-the-go. Google's Value of Mobile Calculator: In-Store

Mobile Site: Since so much website traffic is coming from mobile devices (according to Google: it’s now officially more search traffic than desktop), we’re seeing customers purchasing more on mobile devices – as well as completing other major KPIs (or “key performance indicators”). Users expect mobile sites to be just as seamless to use as any desktop site would be; and now with Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm update that launched in April, Google does as well. Google's Value of Mobile Calculator: Mobile-Site
Apps: App downloads might not be a conscious KPI for many companies (unless you’re deliberately creating apps). However, apps are a great way to really foster your relationship with your customers, and without much work from your end! Particularly for companies that offer transaction routes within their apps – but even for companies in which the app is simply a useful customer service-type tool – app interactions or all types should be tracked and reported as valuable KPIs. Google's Value of Mobile Calculator: Apps
Calls: It can never be said enough that mobile devices are just that, at their core: mobile phones. Since it is often easier for the user to simply call (from the same device they’re using to search), users expect a call option when searching on a mobile device. It’s imperative we track these calls coming in, since they are often purchases. (And even when they’re not purchases, they are still a point of interaction with the customer that you may not have otherwise had if not for the mobile device). Google's Value of Mobile Calculator: Calls
Cross Device: This may be one of the most important, and often most forgotten about, tracking source. As we discussed in the last post, 90% of all users switch across multiple devices before completing any given KPI. Therefore, having a way to view that customer from one device to the next until they ultimately purchase (or contact the company) is an invaluable addition to tracking your digital efforts. Google's Value of Mobile Calculator: Cross-Device

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