Get Friendly with Bing’s Web Development Tools

28 July

Get Friendly with Bing’s Web Development Tools

With just over 20 percent of the desktop search market share going into April 2015, Bing is too big to ignore in the search market. Google continues to be the reigning champ amongst search engines, so it’s still a good idea to make sure your website is meeting their requirements, but it’s time to shift a bit more focus towards want Bing wants.

You may already be familiar with, and use quite often, tools such as Google Webmaster Tools, Google AdWords and Google My Business, but have you become acquainted with Bing? That’s right. Bing has its own version of these marketing tools to make sure you’re successfully reaching that 20 percent of users who are Bing-ing all of their life’s queries.

Web development companies, such as ours, have realized the need to learn and become very familiar with these tools. Bing Ads (Bing’s version of Google AdWords) is a great option for businesses who want to tap into a new market outside of Google. We always recommend this option for businesses that have not yet tried it, as many companies have seen a greater response from Bing Ads campaigns than they did with their Google AdWords campaigns. And even if you company has tried it in the past with inadequate results, you may find that our pay-per-click advertising optimization can breathe new life into that dusty old ad campaign!

The next great tool from Bing is Bing Webmaster Tools. You will find that Bing Webmaster Tools has a lot more options to look through, and some may even like the setup better than Google’s Webmaster Tools. Through this tool, you can do things like tell Bing to limit crawl activities during high-traffic times of the day, add your businesses social pages and track user interactions when they appear in Bing SERPs, and get basic SEO analysis and reports on your site’s pages. This tools is definitely worth setting up and using to review your site’s performance.

Bing Places is Microsoft’s version of Google My Business, and allows your business information to show up in searches on Bing’s map. Bing Places, however, is not set up similar to a social media page with a post feed, but it is still a great way for people to quickly get information and links about your business straight from the search engine.

If you are looking to reach that extra 20 percent of potential customers who prefer Bing, then let our digital marketing experts get your business set up and optimized. Tap into a new level of business opportunity with THAT Agency in West Palm Beach, Florida.