This Week’s Social Media Marketing News

04 March

This Week’s Social Media Marketing News

social media marketing news
Social media marketers, we know how easy it is to get busy focusing on getting results for your clients and keeping them happy. That’s why we’ve rounded up the biggest social marketing news stories that you need to know about, and put them in one place. Enjoy!

1. Facebook has introduced Product Ads, which help businesses promote multiple products through ads. Product ads are available today in the API through Facebook Marketing Partners and will roll out in Power Editor over the next few weeks.

2. Facebook has also launched its Ads Manager app, which gives social media marketers the power to monitor their ads, or create new ones, from wherever they are.

3. LinkedIn has made its first big leap into ad tech, launching an ad network that will let advertisers use LinkedIn data to target consumers on other websites outside of the LinkedIn platform.

4. Instagram is introducing "carousel ads," which offer a Tinder-like "swipe left" feature if you like an ad, and want to learn more. Instagram is introducing the new format on a limited basis, and the ads will start popping up in users' feeds in a few weeks.

5. Twitter has released an official WordPress plugin, which optimizes your website for a Twitter audience.

6. After #TheDress took over on social media last week, brands are now rushing to sell white and gold or blue and black-themed products. Do you think anyone will actually buy them?

Casey Kurlander is a social media marketing specialist at THAT Agency, a web design, development and digital marketing agency in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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