What Marketers Can Learn From Joan Rivers

08 September

What Marketers Can Learn From Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers
Whether you loved her or couldn’t stand her, it’s hard to deny that Joan Rivers was successful for a reason. Nothing was handed to her or came easy; over 55 years of hard work went into making her the icon she will be remembered as. Here are some valuable lessons that marketers, entrepreneurs and basically anyone who wants to be successful can learn from Joan:

Don’t be afraid to be a pioneer

Joan Rivers was a pioneer in stand-up comedy, and a survivor with a capital S. She bravely stepped into comedy at a time when hardly any other women dared to and paved the way for those who followed. She had no women to use as role models, yet she managed to be the only woman who could handle Johnny Carson’s desk.

The world of internet marketing is a bit similar, as it’s fairly new and we are all still figuring it out. There are always going to be obstacles in our way (my SEO friends can definitely attest to this), but we must not let them change our course. Don’t be afraid to try something new, or go where nobody has gone before. Believe in yourself and blaze a new trail.

Recognize your talents, and use them across multiple mediums

Joan made a name for herself in stand-up comedy, and then used her talent of making people laugh to become an Emmy-winning talk show host, best-selling author, reality star, and producer.

Many forms of internet marketing go hand in hand, so it’s smart to identify what you’re good at (and what you enjoy) and see how many mediums you can apply it to. However, I’m not saying that you should go try 100 different things all at once. If writing is your strong point, you don’t need to rush to write SEO content, PPC ad copy, white papers, blog articles, email subject lines, social media posts and more. Just realize that you are capable of doing all of these things by simply learning best practices for each medium and applying your talent.

Keep a thick skin and keep moving forward

Throughout the years, Joan’s career rose and fell, and then rose again. She made some jokes in poor taste, for which she was criticized. But Joan stayed strong, never buckled, and continued to do what she loved right up until her death.

The lesson here is that nobody is perfect- we all make mistakes in our careers, and not everyone is going to like us or agree with us. But it’s important to not let these things break us down.

As marketers, we understand that all clients have different personalities, needs and demands and we do what we can to keep them as happy. But even when you’re very good at what you do, it’s not always possible to please everyone, and some people will turn on you the minute something doesn’t go their way. In times like this, remember to keep a thick skin and keep it moving!

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