Sometimes You Just Need to Throw 100 Cats into the Place and See What Happens

03 December

Sometimes You Just Need to Throw 100 Cats into the Place and See What Happens

Recently, I came across some video about IKEA’s creative team, and their so-called “experiment”, which resulted in something unexpected, and quite amazing.

In short, two gentlemen on IKEA’s creative team conjured up an idea to bring 100 cats into an IKEA store, after hours, and film what happened. Maybe they’d get something great, maybe they wouldn’t, but they had an idea, and the will to persevere and do it. They didn’t know if the cats would run and hide, or if massive cat fights would break out.

In their case, the risk was worth the reward. At the end of it all, they were able to capture some amazing moments, which left the audience with a sense of peace and home. Portraying that not only will IKEA products provide that sense, but that four-legged family members will as well.

See the behind the scenes video...

And now the final commercial below:

Now, I know what you are going to say, “But, it’s IKEA, and they have like a million dollar marketing budget!”

But the truth is, you can apply this same principle to your marketing campaign on a much smaller scale. As an example, here at THAT Agency, one of our talented marketing managers had the idea to post a “Would you rather” type of question on a client’s Facebook page. It was on a whim, but loosely fit their brand, and he took a shot. The result? The single “Would you rather” post reached triple the audience, and resulted in 80% more likes than an average post.


Now of course, as a reputable agency, we cannot advise that this strategy will work for your entire marketing plan, BUT trying new things and following your instincts CAN result in something great!

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