Beware of These 3 Social Media Money-wasters!

17 October

Beware of These 3 Social Media Money-wasters!

It’s time to get real folks, not all social media marketing agencies are created equal. It might not be very polite for me to say this; however there are more “gurus” now than ever claiming to possess the skills and knowledge to get you where you want to be in the social space. For the uninformed, it can be easy to get romanced into a business relationship with a company or individual that just spews out buzz words. Here are 3 things to avoid in social media so that you don’t waste your money.

1. “I can get you 100,000 fans in 1 month!”

This drives me insane. Anyone who has been working in social media will tell you that social media is a marathon, not a sprint. Be wary of anyone trying to promise you amazing returns in a very short period of time. While there are some instances of the pieces falling together just right and creating big gains, anyone who can actually do this at will probably not be freelancing. One tactic to watch out for is the promise of a huge amount of fans, only to find out those fans have been purchased. Yes, you might see a big gain, but those numbers will be unengaged, lifeless, bot created Facebook accounts which could get deleted at any time.

2. “I made $20,000 on Facebook last month and you can too!”

Have you ever met anyone that has said, “You know that commercial on TV that claims to give you $10,000 in 5 minutes? It works!”? No, you haven’t… because it has never, ever happened. The same goes with social media. There is a string of commercials floating around that have a 20-something year old talking about how they used to work at the mall, but now they are a millionaires thanks to a "social media success package" that showed them the secrets of monetizing social media. All this can be yours for $35.99 plus shipping and handling. Don’t waste your money folks! The issue of monetizing social media has been debated for a few years now. If one person has the end-all, be-all solution it would be locked away at Facebook or Twitters headquarters. It is extremely possible to derive revenue from social media channels; however it is a process and is by no means achieved by using “quick win” methods.

3. “You have to pay to reach your fans”

This is my latest peeve. Facebook introduced their Promoted Post advertising tool in May, which lets page admins pay a fee to amplify the reach of a select post. This makes sense if you are familiar with social media marketing. It can be a valuable tool to get more of your community to see a particularly important piece of content. However, for the less informed this seems to have been twisted into meaning you have to pay to for your content to be seen. Nay I say, nay! If you have a comprehensive and strategic content strategy, you should be able to reach a decent amount of your fan base. No, it won’t be 100% of them. However, by creating content that is geared towards engagement you can increase the reach of your content in a sustainable way, as opposed to a sporadic pop of attention. I do like this advertising option, however it is exactly that, an option. I would recommend learning how to create engaging content on a regular basis instead of promoting posts regularly, which might not exactly be the most engaging. Those $7 posts can certainly add up.

I highly recommend working with a credible social media professional (not guru) to assist you in creating your content strategy. This ensures that you wont waste your time nor money. Don't let yourself become a doubter of social media because of misinformation or unethical tactics.

Author: Nathan Mendenhall

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