5 Old Sayings That Can Teach You About Social Media

24 August

5 Old Sayings That Can Teach You About Social Media

I was talking to a family member the other day and they used one of the old, "ya know what they say" lines on me. It got me thinking. All of these old sayings are based on pearls of wisdom from the social marketers of old. OK, maybe not. However, some old saying definitely do have relevance with social media.

1. A Bird in the Hand is Better Than Two in the Bush

This often misused saying basically means that it is better to have a small advantage now than to rely on something in the future that may never come. As social marketers, we have to always make the most of what we have right now, opposed to counting on the future bringing better things. Social media is a real time medium, so not taking advantage of that content piece or news story that is happening right now is a huge mistake. Better may not always come. It is to our advantage to be quick thinking and highly adaptable.

2. A Fool and His Money Will Soon Part

People who aren’t careful with how they spend their money will find that they run out of it quickly. This also applies in social media marketing. If you don’t have a plan or how to spend your budget and realistic expectations in terms of ROI, you will spend and spend with likely nothing to show for it. The debate over the ROI of social media has been going on since CMOs accepted it as a marketing channel. If you are smart about the way you spend your budget, it is possible to get quantifiable results. This means DON’T buy fans, DON’T buy followers, DON’T give away the house with promotions, and definitely DON’T think throwing money at the screen makes you win at social media marketing. Strategically planning how your budget will be spent will help you calibrate your efforts and ultimately dial in on where the true ROI is for your brand.

3. A Man Who Represents Himself has a Fool for a Client

This old adage has a legal connotation, however I think it also applies to social media. Which would have more credibility; your brand telling everyone why they should buy from you, or your community telling others why they should buy from you for you? I would argue that having your community on any social channel represent what your brand has to offer has a much larger impact. Letting your Facebook Fans or Twitter Followers represent your brand is one of the most powerful marketing messages that can be given. While it can be scary to let them take the wheel, their testimonials, comments and tweets will provide potential customers with the proof they need to trust in your brand.

4. All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

Social media is meant to be FUN! Keep this in the back of your mind when creating your content calendar and promotional campaigns. Who wants to talk to someone that is dull, self-centered or is always focused on work? Make sure that you are sprinkling in some fun content with your branded messaging. Your community will appreciate this and will be much more likely to engage with you. The more engagement you create, the stronger the bond with your community will be.

5. Be Careful What You Wish For, It May Come to Be

We all want to have something go viral. A popular content piece or promotion can skyrocket a brand’s popularity and put it into the spotlight. However, what good does all of the attention do if your brand is not ready for it? Social media can be very unpredictable, so as marketers we must always prepare for every possible situation. Having something go viral can be a bad thing if it is a negative customer service response, product malfunction, or overall public “whoopsie”. When it comes to social media and the viral effect, definitely be careful what you wish for!

Author: Nathan Mendenhall

TAGS: Social Media, Digital Marketing, General