Putting +1 On Your Wordpress Site

17 August

Putting +1 On Your Wordpress Site

Forget Liking a post; reddit? Done it. There is a new button on the scene: the +1. Google’s new button allows users to endorse content, and when they search, they will see how many, if any, results were also endorsed by other users. Google has said that they will give this weight when calculating search page rankings, so it is a good idea to get going on +1. How do you put it on your Wordpress site?

First, go to the Google +1 homepage. You can customize the button by choosing the size (15, 20, 24, 60 px) and the language. Google will generate a code for you to insert into your site and give you a preview of the button on a side window.

In another window, open your Wordpress theme file under “Editor” and then “Appearance.” The menu on the far right will have an option for “Footer” under the Templates section. Click on this. Next, go back and copy the JavaScript from the +1 homepage and paste it before the last body tag. Hit Update.

You are almost a proud owner of a +1. Just add a text widget and paste the +1 shortcode there. This will be in your widgets panel. Save this, and there you go.
More and more of these buttons are popping up; help your ranking and encourage your readers to +1 you.

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