Joomla Plugins for Security

13 August

Joomla Plugins for Security

Joomla is one of the most popular content management sites in the world; more than 14 million copies of its software have been downloaded since 2007, and Joomla estimates that it powers 2.7 percent of the biggest million websites in the world. Security is a concern for any business, no matter what CMS they use. Joomla provides a variety of plugins that can help you keep access to your site safe, and keep your site more secure. Here are some top choices:

Admin Tools. This is one of Joomla’s most popular security tools and is very highly regarded by users. The developers call it a “true Swiss Army knife for your site.” The plugin provides a variety of services, including detecting, notifying, and installing new releases as available, fixing your files’ and directories’ permissions, and protecting your admin directory with passwords, and more. Very easy to use, Admin Tools offers a host of benefits in its free version, and you can upgrade to Admin Tools Professional for a fee to access more features.

XCloner Backup and Restore. XCloner is able to backup sites running on not only Joomla, but also Wordpress, Drupal, and other CMSs. You can create full or partial backups, simple or compressed backups, and incremental backups, manage backups, clone backups to other locations, restore simple and compressed archives, restore original files and directories permissions, exclude database from importing, and more.

RSFirewall. This protects your site from hacker attacks. What is best about RSFirewall is that it protects against new threats and vulnerabilities. The security program tracks and blocks intrusion attempts, seals up security leaks and third party vulnerabilities, filters requests, notifies you of alerts, denies administrator take-overs, and more.

These extensions and more are available for download via Jooma’s website.

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