Taking Advantage of Social Media

19 May

Taking Advantage of Social Media

Businesses, and particularly marketers, have a tremendous opportunity to build online presence, increase brand recognition, and improve the quality of interactions with target audiences via social media. The explosion in popularity has led to somewhat of a learning curve, and many marketers are not sure – yet – how to best leverage this advantage. Consumers now expect a basic level of online interaction, and marketers need to move on to phase two of their social media campaigns: promotions and coupons.

Ad Age and the Ipsos Observer conducted a survey of 1,000 participants that questioned them about their digital consumption. They found that 42 percent wanted a higher level of customer service from brands using social media. Sixty-five percent, though, said they wanted those brands to offer coupons and/or promotions. This is exactly what couture designer Diane Von Furstenberg did. She has over 100,000 Facebook fans and 182,000 followers on Twitter. She leveraged this large fan base by offering free shipping and a free gift to those who referred a friend to the DVF page. After engaging in social media, DVF saw a 13 percent increase in traffic.

There is substantial anecdotal evidence to suggest that other retailers and brands find similar success with promotions or coupons. That’s not the challenging part, however. Keeping the new traffic with you after the promotions end is the difficult part. How do you do it? Great content. Keep them with you by offering them what they want or need. And what is that? It will vary based on your industry and company image – but relevant, high quality content is key to leveraging promotions and coupons into healthy, active traffic.

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